Four Essential Tips for Planning for Corporate Document Destruction

18 June 2020
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Document destruction is an important aspect of information management in the corporate scene. In simple terms, if you have a business which handles confidential data, it is your responsibility to ensure that the materials are protected through their lifespan. This lifespan includes the period after obligatory retention is complete. Irresponsible handling of the old materials such as throwing documents into a bin directly can lead to exposure of private information about your business and your clients. Read More 

Four Planning Precautions for Floating Pontoon Dock Construction

1 April 2020
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If you have been planning to build a floating water dock, you should think about designing a pontoon structure. This type of dock is favourable because the design is flexible. In simple terms, the dock will move with the rise and fall of the water levels. Therefore, it will be usable in all seasons. Also, a pontoon dock is inexpensive to design and build. You will only require the framing, the pontoons and a platform to complete the unit. Read More 

Four Times When You Might Need the Services of a Land Surveyor

11 February 2020
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If you are involved in any kind of construction or renovation work, you may require the services of a land surveyor – someone who inspects and records the shape of the land you have at your disposal. There are several times when this may be necessary. When buying land A land survey will be necessary to determine exactly what land you are acquiring. The surveyor will plan out the boundaries of the land, showing where it adjoins with other people's land, and will determine the position of any trees, outbuildings or other structures in relation to these boundaries. Read More