Four Planning Precautions for Floating Pontoon Dock Construction

1 April 2020
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If you have been planning to build a floating water dock, you should think about designing a pontoon structure. This type of dock is favourable because the design is flexible. In simple terms, the dock will move with the rise and fall of the water levels. Therefore, it will be usable in all seasons. Also, a pontoon dock is inexpensive to design and build. You will only require the framing, the pontoons and a platform to complete the unit. Here are some planning tips for building a functional and long-lasting floating dock.

Purchase Pontoons

It is essential to acquire the right pontoons for floatation. You will find these products on sale by numerous specialist suppliers and manufacturers. When shopping for pontoons, you should opt for high-density polyethylene. This polymer is light and tough, and it will provide long-term performance in harsh conditions. If you choose a good HDPE pontoon, you will not need to conduct further modifications, including welding for water tightness or painting the surfaces.

Choose Your Wood

If you are interested in building a dock with a wooden frame, you must purchase the right timber for the structure. Unsuitable wood will weather and rot. Remember, the floating dock will be constantly exposed to moisture. Therefore, when purchasing the material, you should opt for durable wood which has been treated for use in wet surroundings. This type of lumber will not absorb a lot of moisture, so there will be minimal degradation. However, you must also ensure that the treatment used on the wood will not interfere with the safety of the aquatic environment.

Plan for the Surface

You should choose the right platform for your floating dock. The surface will determine the usability and comfort of the structure. There are different options to consider. The most obvious is a timber platform. The beautiful appearance of the material makes it a popular choice because the finished floating dock will look like a traditional structure. However, you can also select something less old-fashioned such as marine carpeting or plastic treading. If you opt for the latter, remember to ensure that the treading is non-slip.

Consider Corrosion

Finally, when constructing your pontoon dock, you will need connectors and fittings for the components. Keep in mind that these metallic elements will be exposed to water, and water will promote accelerated rusting and corrosion. Therefore, it is important to purchase stainless steel connectors to minimise the rate of degradation. If building a dock on saline or brackish water, choose marine-grade connectors. 

To learn more, contact a company that has pontoons for sale.