Your Options When It Comes to Types of Lawn

29 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you look into your garden, what do you see? If there's an absence of luscious green grass, now's the time to start treating it with a bit more care. Before you plunge your efforts into weeding and watering, though, you need to consider the different types of lawns and what they can bring to your property's exterior.

Hardy Buffalo grass

When you want an easy life, you can't go wrong with buffalo grass. Buffalo grass is well known for keeping weeds at bay, which reduces the amount of time you spend in your garden. It's also incredibly tough and grows well throughout the year, so you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits without putting in too much effort.

Economical Kikuyu grass

Kikuyu grass is a native variety that's easy on the eye and low-cost. It thrives in exceptionally sunny areas, so give strong consideration to it if you live somewhere with high sunshine hours. Unfortunately, this also means it won't grow well if there's a lot of shade. So, if your garden benefits from tall and majestic trees, consider another type of lawn instead.

Low-maintenance Zoysia turf

Zoysia turf isn't amongst the most popular grasses in Australia. However, it recovers from periods of neglect rapidly. Additionally, it can withstand periods of draught, which means it's worth considering if your locale is subjected to hosepipe bans. Its low water use means it's particularly well-suited to Australia's warmer regions, but it's unlikely to fare well in areas where the winters are harsh.

Vibrant couch grass

Vibrant couch grass is a dream for minimalist gardeners. Its bright appearance remains steady throughout the year. Thanks to its long roots, it's capable of repairing itself easily. However, those same long roots mean it tends to interfere with other growing areas around it. As such, if you're planning on producing vibrant flower beds, it may not be right for you. Instead, it's ideal for those who preferred simple rock gardens or raised gardening features.

Nullarbour couch

If you're an avid golfer and you want to mimic your local course's aesthetic in your garden, try Nullarbour couch. It looks fantastic when it's cut short, but that also means it needs more attention than other varieties. Nullarbour couch performs at its best when exposed to six to seven hours of sun per day. Although it won't need much attention during the winter, it does demand a lot of watering during the summer.

When you're feeling uncertain about the right types of lawn for your property, always seek expert advice. With the right grass and a little input from you, your garden can look glorious throughout the year.