Here's Why Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Are a Great Choice for Natural Turf Lawns

18 June 2019
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Water is vital for supporting all plant life. If you are looking to install a natural turf lawn, watering is one of the tasks you will need to do to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. To help meet your lawn's watering needs without much hassle, it is essential for you to install the right irrigation system for the lawn.

There are many different types of irrigation systems out there, but sprinkler systems easily stand out as one of the best options available for lawns. Continue reading on below to find out why.

Excellent Coverage

The goal of installing an irrigation system for your lawn is to ensure efficient delivery of water to the soil. Also referred to as spray irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems work by spraying water to your lawn at a regulated pressure. This method of water delivery is ideal for lawns of virtually all sizes because greater or less coverage can be achieved by simply adjusting the pressure of the water coming out of the system's overhead spray nozzles. However, note that more powerful sprinkler systems are required for larger lawns. 

Uniform Distribution of Water

Even distribution of water over the entire lawn is essential to ensure the grass stays healthy and continues looking nice. Just like rain, sprinkler irrigation systems evenly distribute water over the entire lawn. This is especially important for lawns that have been grown from seed or plugs.

Suitable for Virtually All Soil Types

Unless you have heavy clay in your lawn, sprinkler irrigations systems are perfect for almost all soil types. This is because the pressure of the water can be regulated to provide water delivery at the desired rates. 

Can Be Fixed or Mobile

There are permanent and mobile sprinkler systems for your lawn. If you live in an area that experiences long dry spells, a permanently installed system may work for you because you will be using it for most of the year. But if you receive plenty of rain and only need to use your irrigation system as a short-term solution for the dry months, a mobile sprinkler system will get the job done.

Before installing a sprinkler irrigation system for your lawn, note that not all sprinkler systems are created equal. The best way to make the most out of yours is to ask a professional to help you select an irrigation system that works efficiently for your lawn.