5 Fun Ways to Use a Shipping Container on Your Own Property

11 June 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Shipping containers for sale give you a range of possibilities for fun projects. If you invest in a container to put on your property, you may want t o consider one of the following options.

1. House

All kinds of people are creating stunning architectural masterpieces out of shipping containers. Whether you go for a tiny house or stack multiple containers together, this can be a fun option to explore. Keep in mind, however, this is option is great from an aesthetic perspective, but it isn't necessarily the cheapest way to build a home.

2. Guest Cottage

Not ready to live in a shipping container? Then, consider turning a container into a place to host guests. With a bit of insulation, you can keep the temperature comfortable, and a contractor can help you add windows and doors. You may also want to put a shipping container if your backyard and use it as a home office, a small granny flat, or other dwellings.

3. Backyard Bar

If you like entertaining, consider a backyard bar. If you live in a space with fire restrictions due to the risk of bushfires, you may be able to have fires inside your shipping container even if you aren't allowed to have them outside. Think about the fun you could have with a wood fired pizza oven, for example.

With this option, you may want to kit out the inside of the shipping container with cooking and bartending supplies. Then, consider cutting a hole for a window on one or multiple sides of the shipping container. Then, add a small bar to the base of the window. Your guests can sit with their stools outside of the shipping container next to the bar, and when you open the window, the metal can act as an awning to shield them from the heat.

4. Tree House

Rather than putting your shipping container on the ground, consider popping it on stilts and placing it next to a tree. Then, integrate balconies or other elements so that they are actually resting on tree branches or part of the tree in other ways. This can create a cool tree house type of effect that can be great for kids' play houses, guest cottages, or similar spaces.

5. Storage

Instead of using the shipping container for shipping, use it to store items on your very own property. You don't have to do anything to your shipping container to embrace this option. This can be a great way to clean out your garage, and it holds everything from small items to large toys such as ATVs or jet skis.