Recharge Your Battery Sales by Positioning Yourself as the Local Expert

8 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Batteries are one of those products you can buy just about anywhere. Since they're such a good impulse and linking buy, retailers in all sectors have realised what a useful extra money maker they can be.

In this crowded marketplace, it can seem impossible to differentiate yourself from the competition. But that's far from the truth. In fact, since most businesses simply leave their batteries to walk off the shelves on their own, there's ample opportunity to position yourself as the go-to battery shop.

Just follow these tips and watch your battery sales grow.

Stock a full range

The most simple way to put yourself ahead of your battery-selling competition is to give your customers a wider choice. Stock all the batteries you can, including the most obscure button batteries and those for hearing aids. Don't forget extras like battery chargers, too.

When you're able to send more people away happy with the batteries they've been trying to hunt down, it won't take long for word to get around. Remember that, although you can buy anything online, plenty of people still prefer to go to a brick and mortar shop, particularly older people and those who need advice.

Do your homework

You should be able to confidently advise your customer on the batteries they need and be able to recognise the less common types by sight.

This doesn't take as much time and effort as it sounds, either. Just spend a few minutes in the evenings reading about the uses for different batteries, and use quiet moments in your shop to acquaint yourself with your stock.

Let people know

A clear sign in your window can work wonders when it comes to advertising specialist services. Let people know that you stock all the batteries they could need and that you're available for advice.

If you can budget for it, advertising is also helpful. Whether it's traditional print advertising or using the online space, it's an effective way to get the message out.

Provide some useful literature

Booklets, leaflets, and charts are good resources for customers. One particularly tricky area is small batteries, which can each have several different code names. A chart that compares them can be extremely helpful in matching dead batteries up with the packaging of new ones.

You can find existing designs online that you can print, or you may be able to order some from your battery supplier. If you can produce your own custom design, however, you can add your business's logo and contact information so people always know where to buy.