Is Your AC Deafeningly Loud? Consider These Tips to Quiet It Down

5 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Part of enjoying the great weather that Australia has to offer is also having air conditioning as a staple as the temperatures can become sweltering for most of the year too. Thus, most homeowners will have invested in one the minute they moved into their new house. Nonetheless, despite the meticulous care, you may provide for your AC unit, it still could become noisy over time. These noise levels may seem harmless at the start, but with time you will start to notice the decibels becoming loud, and this could significantly impact the quality of life in your home. For peace of mind and to ensure a restful night of sleep, here are handy tips you could consider to quiet down your noisy air conditioning system.

Purchase a new fan for your air conditioning system

One of the hardworking components of your air conditioning system is the fan. Over time, normal wear and tear can cause the blades to bend or become misshapen, and this subsequently makes them noisy when they are in operation. Fortunately, you do not have to replace your entire unit to restore quiet in your home.

New technologies in the air conditioning industry have provided for a vast array of fan designs that you can choose from. Moreover, the blades have also been updated, and their new styles contribute to noise reduction when the fan is in use. If your air conditioning system is becoming increasingly deafening, fan replacement will make sure the unit works quietly while also prolonging the shelf life of your unit.

Have your air conditioning's compressor insulated

Another component that is a workhorse in your air conditioning system is the compressor. Without a functioning compressor, there will be no heating or cooling in your home. However, since compressors tend to be naturally loud, it is not surprising that the noise they emit can become unbearable with time. For this reason, compressors are usually installed outdoors so that they do not affect the comfort in your home.

If you start to hear the compressor when you are indoors, you may want to consider investing in some sound insulation for the unit. AC manufacturers have come up with various types of muffling technologies, which can greatly minimise the amount of noise that you hear from the compressor unit. Take note that the insulation should be professionally installed so that the compressor unit stays ventilated even if it has been covered.