Diamond Engagement Rings – What to Consider When Choosing the Cut

5 January 2018
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If you are looking to propose to your girlfriend, chances are you are scouring for the best diamond engagement ring that you can afford. What most people tend to do is try to budget for as many carats as possible and not consider any other elements that would make the diamond engagement ring special. Although carats are important, another crucial aspect to keep in mind would be the cut of the diamond. Some people may overlook the cut, yet it plays a huge role in how brilliant diamond engagement rings appear. This article expounds on the various considerations you should have when deliberating on the diamond's cut for your engagement ring.

Consider how deep the cut is

When looking at different cuts of diamonds, the first thing to consider would be depth. Diamonds that have been fashioned with shallow cuts have a propensity of leaking light from the bottom of the stone. As a result, they do not maximise on light reflection. Deep-cut diamonds, on the other hand, will reflect light from all sides of the stone. These types of diamonds make for great engagement rings as they reflect a considerable amount of light from the top of the diamond, creating a brilliant effect. Thus, when shopping for diamond engagement rings, keep the depth of the gems at the topmost of your considerations.

Consider the grade of the diamond

Another factor that would influence the cut of a diamond is where it is placed on the diamond grading system. In general, the grading system ranges from poor diamonds to very good diamonds.

At the lower end of the scale, the diamonds tend to be dull and do not reflect much light. In fact, poor to fair diamonds tend to look more glass-like rather than appearing as a gemstone.

On the other end of the spectrum, "very good" diamonds will have enhanced reflection. It should be noted that the very good diamonds need not even be exorbitantly priced.

The better the cut of the diamond, the more enhanced its ability to reflect light. Therefore, an ideal stone for your engagement ring would be one graded as a 'very good' diamond; its cut will provide it with the best symmetry for light reflection.

Consider the shape of the diamond

Some individuals may consider shape to be a personal choice, but in truth, the shape of the diamond will impact the cut of the stone, which influences the brilliance of the gem. The best shape that you could choose for your engagement ring is a round diamond. The symmetry of this shape allows for maximum light reflection from the entire stone. Another option that you could consider is the square princess, which is known for a high brilliance to size ratio.