How a truck mounted attenuator might save your workers lives

7 December 2017
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As an employer the safety of your workers must be of paramount importance. You need to ensure that they are protected from any accidents, and that any risks they face at work are minimised.

Anyone who has the job of painting lines on a busy stretch of road obviously has to deal with traffic that may be moving rapidly nearby and the knowledge that there is the likelihood of serious injury or death if an errant vehicle comes into contact with them.

How truck mounted attenuators saves lives

One of the most effective strategies for reducing the risk for those working on the road is to ensure that a truck mounted attenuator from a place like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd is stationed between the workers and the traffic at all times. The attenuator is designed to absorb the energy of any errant vehicles and to prevent them coming into contact with the workers. Drivers of truck mounted attenuators must ensure that they remain in the correct position with a suitable roll-ahead distance in front of them ready to absorb the impact of any vehicle that gets too close. A good TMA will have the ability to stop a vehicle travelling up to 100 km/h.

What truck mounted attenuators look liker

It is critical that a TMA can move quickly about the country to quickly reach wherever it is needed. A truck mounted TMA will often be designed to fold up and over a truck bed whilst being stored or transported. Some TMAs, such as the Scorpion, are constructed of strut and cartridge sections connected together on a support frame. These TMAs are designed to provide total width impact protection. They are also fitted with sidebars to direct vehicles away from the end of the truck. When they experience an impact truck mounted attenuators are built to crush stage by stage so that when it is time to repair the attenuator after the impact only the damaged part will need replacement.

Where to hire your truck mounted attenuators

You will only need a TMA when you are painting lines in the road or are engaged in a similar task. If you are not sure whether a TMA is required or not, or if you would appreciate some advice on the most suitable type of truck mounted attenuator for your needs then you should discuss the situation with your hire company. They have the right experience hiring out vehicles to know what would work best and offer the right level of protection to your workers.